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Bad Things Happen to People.

Bad things happen to…people

Good or bad or right or wrong

old or young or weak or strong

Somewhere there’s someone

that doesn’t care that

Bad things happen to…people

A cute child gets aggressive brain cancer

The legs are shot off a wonderful dancer

Somewhere there’s someone

that doesn’t know that

Bad things happen to…people

If you happen to be one

Don’t sit and suck your thumb

Your liable to choke on it and die

Because bad things happen to…people

I’m one and you are too

So I suggest to you

That next time just don’t be surprised

That someone throws acid into your eyes

Or that your beloved aunt ups and dies

And all of your friends turn out to be spies

Cuz bad things happen to…people.

It’s a sad fact that karma I’m sad to say

Is as real as unicorns chomping on hay

Sometimes the bad guys they just get away and are happy

Bad things happen to…people

Misfortune doesn’t seem to discriminate

It greets those full of of love and those full of hate

And those who are both and neither

So long as you are a breather. 

Because bad things happen to…people.