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Two New T-Shirts, Pre Order Now!

Mad Cow.Here are the next two T-Shirts from Foreign Eye!

These are now up for pre-order at a reduced price of £15, being sold at £20 once printed!

Mad Cow: The first shirt features a creature either suffering from udder madness or the result of a GM experiment. Which ever may happen to be true, she is just an individual doing her own thing so let’s leave her to it.

Thanks For Not Thinking.

                                                  Thank You For Not Thinking: The second shirt is an ode to George Orwell and 1984.

There are a lot of people in the world that get away with murder because people such as you and I go about our lives refusing to think, this is a reminder of that. So on behalf of the powers that be, thank you.

Both shirts will be posted out with FREE zine, pin badge, sticker and original drawing in the first week or February.

Pre-order and browse the SHOP page now!