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GO (and) FUND ME (please)!


Here’s the blurb:

“I am an artist living in Swansea (UK). I have completed a 40 page comic and have had a heavy decline in my income. I really want to get the comic printed and distributed, it has taken a lot of time and effort to get it finished and I want people to be enjoying (and laughing at) the fruits of my labour.

This issue of the comic explores the world of television and the mainstream media and is full of profundity, nonsense, criticism, witticism and whimsy!

This funding would not only go towards printing and distribution but also into production of freebies for buyers of the comic, such as patches stickers and badges.”

As little as 50p can be really useful, or even just sharing it wherever you can, thank you in advance you kind hearted weirdo’s.


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IN THE SHOP: ‘Wheel Around The Fountain’ Tees.

Fell Out of Bed Twice

So many references to skateboarding in one song;

‘Wheel Around The Fountain, slappy on the patio’

‘I dreamt about you last night and I fell out of bed twice’

‘People see no worth in you, oh but I do’

The Smiths’ frontman sang a clear ode to skateboarding, and I won’t let it go unnoticed any longer.

Head to the shop page now to grab your new favourite piece of Smiths memorabilia!


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Dee Eye Why.

I am finally getting round to some screen printing again, the above image (if you can see it) will be printed onto the back of all shirts from here on in. I realized some shirts didn’t have ‘Foreign Eye’ branding on them anywhere, what a doofus.

I’m thinking of doing something colourful soon, I probably won’t but to admit that is a pretty big step, see you on the dark side!

Keep up to date on everything over on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK.

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Amsterdam Napkin Doodles.


This was at ‘The Golden Temple’ it was delicious to chill and eat smoked tofu pizza with a small dog.


This was at ‘Dophert’ it served the best vegan breakfast in the universe.


This was at a ‘Bagels and Beans’ they serve Bagels and (coffee) Beans, it’s pretty rad, good pre Van Gogh Museum coffee.

Thanks for being nice Amsterdam, see you again some time yeah?

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Discount Code ‘SAINTDAVID’.

Today we honour Wales and it’s Legendary ‘Dreep Shagon’ by using discount code SAINTDAVID at the checkout for a whopping 20% off your total order, tidy.20140301-082507.jpg

The Dreep Shagon is said to have roamed the valleys looked pretty sad and angry, this was probably due to the fact that nobody took him seriously because of his hooves and the fact that he ate daffodils and shat leeks.

One order from either today or tomorrow will find the original drawing of the Dreep Shagon in their package contents.

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‘Overcast’ Tee PRE-ORDER.

Overcast Tee

Sometimes you can’t help but let the bastards get you down.

Walk down the street with your hands in your pockets looking miserable wearing this and you might just laugh.

Screen printed onto 100% cotton of the most superior and ethical fibres.

NOTE: This is a pre-order price, these orders will be shipped before the last week of March with freebies (zine/stickers/badge!).

Get yours, CLICK HERE!

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‘Had Enough’ Tee PRE-ORDER.

Had Enough Tee

About time I printed some doodle shirts. Here’s some white on black.

We all know how this guy feels, though I think his remedy may be a little extreme?

Screen printed onto 100% cotton of the most superior and ethical fibres.

NOTE: This is a pre-order price, these orders will be shipped before the last week of March with freebies (zine/stickers/badge!).

Get yours CLICK HERE!

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Moving House.


I  have been moving house, well technically I have been moving all of my stuff into a house, so really I’ve been moving stuff, not a house, that would be much harder.

Anyway that is my excuse for not posting much or drawing much recently, it will all kick back off as soon as I have settled in and made a nice cup of tea and have a pen on my new desk.

In the mean time here is a drawing I did a while back for a birthday of twins.