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IN THE SHOP: ‘Square Eyes’ Tees.

Square Eye

Remember this little line?

‘If you sit that close you’ll get square eyes’

Well I certainly do, it always stuck with me. But so what if you get square eyes? No one ever mentioned any pain or discomfort, just the threat of ‘square eyes’, well I’m already wearing glasses so who gives a shit?

Anyway, here’s my reaction twenty years on, and I think you’ll agree that it beats your average eye ball.

Head to the shop page for a closer look.

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IN THE SHOP: ‘Wheel Around The Fountain’ Tees.

Fell Out of Bed Twice

So many references to skateboarding in one song;

‘Wheel Around The Fountain, slappy on the patio’

‘I dreamt about you last night and I fell out of bed twice’

‘People see no worth in you, oh but I do’

The Smiths’ frontman sang a clear ode to skateboarding, and I won’t let it go unnoticed any longer.

Head to the shop page now to grab your new favourite piece of Smiths memorabilia!


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IN THE SHOP: ‘Let Down’ Skateboard Refurb.


An old board of mine that I have sanded, painted and glossed.

One of a kind original hand drawn/painted artwork.

CLICK THROUGH TO THE SHOP PAGE to have a proper look.

Email me at if you’re outside of the UK and want this board.


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Valentines Doodle Service!

I did this last year and a lot of people got a kick out of it, the perfect, affordable panic buy for creeps in love.

Here are the details: You will pay £7.50 and give me the name and address of the recipient of your love. I will then sit down and draw a valentines themed doodle on a postcard sized piece of paper and mail it straight over, first class, of course.

Go over to the SHOP PAGE to have a proper look!

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WIN: ‘Worlds Best Bully’ Package!

I kind of forgot to do this until now, here’s the new SHARE TO WIN competition for a chance to bag a whole bundle of printed goods including: T-shirt, tote bag, stickers, zine and a very limited edition Lino print (Not pictured).

Get on Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Tumblr and find and share the above image whilst tagging #ForeignEye and @ForeignEye (Foreign_Eye on twitter) where possible.

Winner announced 10/2/15, feel free to share more than once and on every platform, it will only increase your chances of winning!

Go get ’em weirdos.


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Skateboard Refurb: Let Down/Deflated.

Another board sanded, painted, drawn, glossed and gripped.

This one would skate like any second hand board (no chips or cracks, 8.75).

I recommend putting it on your wall so it catches your eye and makes you titter.

Make me an offer if you want this refurbished skateboard:

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IN THE SHOP: ‘Worlds Best Bully’ Tees/Totes/Zines/Stickers.

Remind everyone who the biggest bully in town is.

The new zine features 16 pages of new cartoons, comics and doodles on the themes of television and the media.

Includes new comic ‘The Execution Factor‘.

Alongside the new zine are these Tees: (available in black or white)


And these Tote bags: (Also available in either black or natural)

Bully tote black

And of course these shiny new Vinyl stickers:

Bully stickers

All Shirt and Tote orders will be shipped with free zine/sticker/badge.

As usual stock is very limited, less than 30 shirts will be available and only 40 zines and 10 totes.  Thanks for visiting my website and thanks in advance for your huge order of Foreign Eye merchandise!

Hit the SHOP for prices/details.