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GO (and) FUND ME (please)!


Here’s the blurb:

“I am an artist living in Swansea (UK). I have completed a 40 page comic and have had a heavy decline in my income. I really want to get the comic printed and distributed, it has taken a lot of time and effort to get it finished and I want people to be enjoying (and laughing at) the fruits of my labour.

This issue of the comic explores the world of television and the mainstream media and is full of profundity, nonsense, criticism, witticism and whimsy!

This funding would not only go towards printing and distribution but also into production of freebies for buyers of the comic, such as patches stickers and badges.”

As little as 50p can be really useful, or even just sharing it wherever you can, thank you in advance you kind hearted weirdo’s.


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IN THE SHOP: ‘Square Eyes’ Tees.

Square Eye

Remember this little line?

‘If you sit that close you’ll get square eyes’

Well I certainly do, it always stuck with me. But so what if you get square eyes? No one ever mentioned any pain or discomfort, just the threat of ‘square eyes’, well I’m already wearing glasses so who gives a shit?

Anyway, here’s my reaction twenty years on, and I think you’ll agree that it beats your average eye ball.

Head to the shop page for a closer look.