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Amsterdam Napkin Doodles.


This was at ‘The Golden Temple’ it was delicious to chill and eat smoked tofu pizza with a small dog.


This was at ‘Dophert’ it served the best vegan breakfast in the universe.


This was at a ‘Bagels and Beans’ they serve Bagels and (coffee) Beans, it’s pretty rad, good pre Van Gogh Museum coffee.

Thanks for being nice Amsterdam, see you again some time yeah?

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We Run Things.


We run to our future guided only by our own senses, nobody else’s. We take responsibility for each step taken and each though imagined and each breath inhaled, for wherever we end up we are then able to say ‘I brought myself here’ and no one shall be thanked and no one shall be cursed, we are the masters of our future.

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Discount Code ‘SAINTDAVID’.

Today we honour Wales and it’s Legendary ‘Dreep Shagon’ by using discount code SAINTDAVID at the checkout for a whopping 20% off your total order, tidy.20140301-082507.jpg

The Dreep Shagon is said to have roamed the valleys looked pretty sad and angry, this was probably due to the fact that nobody took him seriously because of his hooves and the fact that he ate daffodils and shat leeks.

One order from either today or tomorrow will find the original drawing of the Dreep Shagon in their package contents.